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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
How does the company make profit?
Petro China Company LTD allocates monetary funds for Forex trading performing speculative operations with main currency pairs and currency derivatives. The company also deals with options and crypto-currency trading, making profit of both assets purchase and sale price difference and price or exchange risk hedging through time in the process of transactions.
What is required to become the company’s client?
In order to become the client of Petro China Company LTD, you need to pass a simple registration procedure on our official website. After registration, You will gain access to a wide range of functions that are provided for each customer of our company. Additionally, You will receive an opportunity to allocate investments in any investment offer suggested by our company, each one of which is a thoroughly thought-through and checked investment plan allowing to receive decent income from the allocated investments.
What is the minimum age allowing to participate in the programme?
Any physical individual over 18 years old can become a customer of Petro China Company LTD. Individuals under the mentioned age will be refused to cooperate with.
Is it possible to amend registration information after the registration process has been completed?
We would like to draw Your attention to the fact that for security purposes, as well as to avoid misunderstanding and unfavourable use by the third parties, some of the data mentioned by You at the registration cannot subsequently be amended by You. Please be attentive when filling out the Registration form and carefully check if all the data mentioned by You are actual before You complete the registration procedure. In case if You have detected suspicious activities in Your account, as well as in case of an emergency or an urgent need to amend Your registration data, please address the Technical and Customer Support Department of Petro China Company LTD.
Can I register more than one account in the programme of Petro China Company LTD?
Creating more than one account in our programme is prohibited. In the case if the fact of intentional creation of multiple accounts has been detected, all accounts of the user will be immediately blocked.
How can I restore the password to access my account?
You can contact the Technical and Customer Support Department of Petro China Company LTD to resolve this issue. In addition, you can use the password recovery function located in the corresponding section of the official website of the company.
If I could not find an answer to my questions, what shall I do?
In case of any situation, which is unclear or difficult for You, You can always ask the Technical and Customer Support Department of Petro China Company LTD for help, advice and explanations. We create the most comfortable conditions for fruitful and long-term cooperation with each customer.
On the investment process
What electronic payment systems are supported by the investment process of Petro China Company LTD Online LTD?
You can invest in a company with the following electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer If you do not have an account in the mentioned above electronic payment systems, you can always create a free account in one or all of these electronic payment systems by clicking on the following links:
What is the minimum deposit amount and the amount available for withdrawal?
The minimum investment amount is $10. With regard to the minimum amount, which is accessible for withdrawal, we do not introduce any limitations maximum amount that you can order for withdrawal.
How many deposits can I make simultaneously?
You have the opportunity to create any number of deposits in our programme. An exception is the investment plan “135% in 1 calendar day”. According to the conditions of investment services provision by Megatraders LTD, You may have only one active deposit at a time on the above mentioned investment plan. However, we recommend our clients to allocate investments in multiple investment plans that cumulatively will result in a much greater economic impact of the total invested amount. Payment accruals and processing are made for each deposit made by You separately.
I made a deposit, but I do not see it in my account. What am I doing wrong?
If you did everything correctly, the lack of active deposit in your account is only possible due to the fact that some delays could occur because of the fault of the electronic payment system, which You used for depositing. You should also consider the fact that some electronic payment systems have a standard range of payment processing. In particular, when using the electronic payment system Bitcoin, the transfer delay of Your deposit can be up to 36 hours, and in some cases - up to 48 hours.
How much time is needed to process my request for withdrawal of funds?
All requests for withdrawal of funds that have been made by our customers are processed and confirmed within 36 hours. At the same time, we want to draw your attention to the fact that this is the maximum possible period of money withdrawal request processing. Typically, any request is processed faster.
Does the programme administration stipulate any additional fees or charges associated with the input or withdrawal of funds?
The company administration does not provide for any additional fees or commission charges associated with both filling in the account balance and withdrawal of any funds that may be stored on your account balance. However, please note that some electronic payment systems use fee for processing the transactions made while using them. In particular, when using Payeer electronic payment system in the investment process, You should consider the fact that this electronic payment system will charge fees for their services both when placing funds in the payment system, and in case of cash withdrawal from this electronic payment system. Company Petro China Company LTD is not responsible for your choice of an electronic payment system and does not compensate the customer any commission fees from the electronic payment system used by the customer.
On referral program
How much can I earn by inviting new members into the program?
According to our referral program, we offer 30% of the deposit amount made by any new programme member (referral) personally invited by You.
Is it mandatory to have an active deposit in order to be able to receive a referral fee?
In order to be able to receive a referral fee, You do not need to have a deposit in our programme. Regardless of whether you have a deposit or not, You will be able to receive a referral fee in accordance with our partnership programme.
What does Your company’s partnership program offer?
We have developed a partnership program based on loss risk diversification and at the same time made our offer attractive enough for those clients who are able and want to invite new members to our company. You will be able to earn extra income and at the same time to assist the company in its promotion at the online investment market. The mutual benefits of this activity strengthen our positions and interaction with each customer. Ample opportunities that the Internet provides make the use of our referral programme even easier and more accessible. A huge number of thematic websites, blogs and other online resources will help you extend the scope of your referral link and make the process of inviting new members to the company comfortable and effective.
Where can I find my referral link?
Once you have gone through the registration process, you will automatically be given a unique referral link that you can find in your account.
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