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Use of any site, envisaging interactive communication, involves exchange of certain data and possible transmission and provision thereof. Realizing the importance of this issue, Petro China Company LTD has ensured high-level technological security of our clients, when using official site of the company. We take every possible measure to store personal data, provided by our clients during registration, in a way that guarantees no third party access to these data. The company uses the most advanced technologies to preserve personal data in fully secure environment that prevents any unauthorised access to the data bases.

1. Anti-DDoS Protection

We take DDoS protection systems very seriously, since increased popularity of the site can make it a goal of trespassers, who can attempt to violate operability and integrity of the site systems by means of certain technical solutions. Using DDoS, which means "a distributed denial-of- service", and tactics of multiple synchronized requests to the site from various Internet access points, trespassers can, for example, use illegal competitive methods, preventing the site from normal operation. We have envisaged such situations and ensured fully secure operation of our site in the Internet by putting the site on the dedicated fat server with the most comprehensive, high-quality and modern DDoS protection.

The company does not guarantee uninterrupted operation of the site, but will take every possible efforts and measures to reduce the time offline and out of customers' reach to the maximum extent possible.

2. Personal Data: SSL Cryptography

Since our site is able to provide every our customer with wide-range functions for financial operations, use of SSL cryptography for data transmission is a very important element of our security. SSL is a cryptographic protocol that ensures secure established communication between a client and a site, providing a unique digital signature of the site, which is necessary to establish connection between the user and the server, where this site is located, fully protected from third party access.

Petro China Company LTD uses Comodo SSL - the most secure and most protected protocol in SSL standard - to ensure confidentiality during personal data transmission, e.g. number of customer's wallet, e-mail address and other sensitive data.

This protocol generates green address bar with organisation's name in any Internet browser, notifying customer about that the established connection is trusted and secure.

Since we care about our reputation, we provide only high-quality and reliable technological solutions, ensuring lawful and secure cooperation, as EV SSL certificate is issued only to legal entities or organisations subject to a range of obligatory regulatory checks and provision of all required documents that prove legitimate activity.

3. Fishing

Sites absolutely similar in design can be sometimes found in the Internet. In majority of the cases, this fact is easily explained. Trying to make a profit from a popular original site and making use of careless users, trespassers create copies of the original site to get personal data of the users of the main (original) site.

Petro China Company LTD recommends being vigilant and careful to avoid fraudulent sites using our original design. These sites are not and can't be our representatives and are by no means related to us.

In case of personal data loss caused by customer's use of such sites, the company can't and does not bear any responsibility for adverse effects that can follow such actions. The company recommends always checking availability of green address bar with the name of your organisation in the browser, as represented below.

Any other sites that do not have this unique green address bar or that have a green address bar with the name different from the original name of our company at least in one symbol (letter, figure) are fraudulent. Should you get to such site, do not enter your authorisation data in the Username and/or Password field.

We do everything possible to ensure security of your personal data. To avoid any negative consequences, related to non-compliance with the rules of safe conduct in the Internet, we strongly encourage you not to visit suspicious sites, not to use unlicensed antivirus software and not to share under any circumstances your authorisation data on the company's site and any other sensitive data.

Petro China Company LTD bears no responsibility for your actions and/or inactions (either deliberate or not) that might lead to negative consequences caused by non-compliance with elementary rules of safe conduct and use of the Internet and its on-line public and/or non-public resources.

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